Shades of Two Cities: The united colours of Jakarta and São Paulo

(Jakarta is to Indonesia, what São Paulo is to Brazil. Continue reading

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The rise of the democratisers


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The former CEO of IKEA, Mikael Ohlsson once spoke of the vision for IKEA as ‘to allow people with limited means to furnish their houses like rich people’.

Democratising brands do just this: they break down barriers that limit the access of brand and customer experiences to exclusive people – and make it available to the masses. Continue reading

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Made in provenance

4291-Paul-Smith-saleWhere do great brands come from? Continue reading

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Bow Down–It’s Super Bowl Sunday

superbowl football

It’s bigger than Santa Claus. It’s more spectacular than New Years. It’s Super Bowl Sunday. Continue reading

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Lunching with a Loser?


It’s 1p.m. Rejoice! That means it’s lunchtime.

I run through the usual suspects: a chopped salad at nondescript deli, an overpriced sandwich, a lifeless soup. How about Chipotle? Yes, Chipotle. “It’s delicious,” says Chris, New York’s Design Director. We agree—Chipotle never disappoints. Continue reading

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The 50 Best Business Leaders

Best-Business-Leaders-Bookazine-BigWhat separates the most successful leaders from the rest of us? In a new ‘bookazine’ published by Future, they name 50 of the most influential decision-makers in history and reveal the secrets of their success.  Our own Jim Prior is quoted throughout the publication.  Here is what he had to say about Sir Terry Leahy, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and Hewlett and Packard. Continue reading

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Rethinking Design Thinking


design thinking

“Design Thinking” is best explained in a 2006 Fast Company article as a problem-solving protocol one can employ to achieve extraordinary results.
(Click image for link.)

The term “Design Thinking” was discussed, dissected, and disputed Tuesday at “Design Outside the Lines”, a panel event co-hosted by Industrial Designers Society for America and Continue reading

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Rising in the East

rising_sun_by_aaronLEarlier this year I was one of many at Logan Hall attending the Jonathan Warwicker D&AD lecture. Amongst all things discussed that night, one thing he said that really struck me was his view that “Britain doesn’t realise the East is coming”.   Continue reading

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vine-slash2All around the offices this week strange things have been happening… Continue reading

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Would Aristotle drink Guinness?

AristotleWhen Aristotle sat down in 4th Century BC to write his Treatise on Rhetoric, I doubt that he intended or expected for it to be used over 20 centuries later to sell beer. However, given that marketing aims to convince people to behave in a certain way, it seems reasonable to assume that it might reflect this classical model, which is made up of Logos (argument), Pathos (appeal to emotions) and Ethos, (speaker). Continue reading

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